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Deep dive series: Nordic Hydro - GO supply

Thursday, 07 March 2019

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The second article of the series takes a closer look at the supply side of Nordic Hydro GOs and its role in the GO market.

Hydropower makes up the largest share of the total number of issued GOs in the AIB. In 2018, we estimate[1] that around 372 TWh of Hydro GOs (production side) were issued among the 20 AIB members. This was 13% higher compared to 2017 when hydro production on the European continent was exceptionally low due to dry water reservoirs. Hydro GO production issuance was only 338 TWh in 2017.

Looking at final transaction statistics per country, illustrated in the figure below, Norway is the largest contributor on the supply side with 134 TWh of Hydro GOs issued compared to total hydropower production of 149 TWh in 2018. Most of the 42&...

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