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H&M top-finances new wind farm in Sweden

Friday, 22 December 2017

The Swedish wind farm Tågeröd is now online, supplying clean electricity to the grid. The project was made realizable partly due to top-financing by the Swedish clothing brand H&M, a RE100 member. The top-financing is made possible through Ecohz GO2 product, which in addition to be based on Guarantees of Origin, also allocates some of the GO-revenue to top-finance a named project by up to 15% of the total costs.

Tågeröd will produce 18 GWh of clean, renewable electricity annually, and a total of 240 GWh by 2030. A consequence of the GO2 funding is that the top-finance loan is recirculated within two to four years, to finance another power plant of the same size. This implies th...

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