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Gasum to green the Finnish maritime with biogas

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Gasum wins the contract to supply LNG and bio-LNG for 2021 -2022 to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Finnish Border Guard. 

At the recent tendering process, operated by Hansel, the Finnish Government’s central purchasing body, Gasum has succeeded to supply green gas to fuel the Finish government maritime units until 2022. The agreement also includes the option of being extended by two years.

The company, in fact, has begun a test run of biogas with the Finnish Border Guard since April this year. The main purpose of test deliveries was to trial logistics and practicalities on board, as well as to demonstrate the capability of this renewable gas as an alternative clean fuel for maritime transport. The liquefied biogas (LBG) came from Gasum’s plant in Risavika, Norway, and the plant in Turku, Finland, and was a 100% renewable fossil-free fuel.

“We are happy to be forerunners in environmentally friendly shipping practices,” said Commander Marko Aheristo, the head of the ship technical unit at the Finnish Border Guard.

The Finish government aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2035, implying that significant cuts in fossil fuel usage are needed in both land and sea transport. By switching to green gas, CO2 emissions could possibly reduce up to 90%.

“Maritime transport plays a leading role in changing course towards a cleaner tomorrow. LNG complies with all the emission requirements and is highly energy efficient,” said Jacob Granqvist, vice-president, maritime, Gasum.

“The framework arrangement enables government organisations to source LNG with a high level of supply security and with consideration for responsibility aspects. LNG is better shipping fuel than oil for climate and this framework arrangement enables clients to also procure a bio-version of LNG,” said Pasi Tainio, category manager at Hansel.

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