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The recently announced Enagas partnership, and biomethane from olive oil wastes

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Kevin Lim

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Spanish TSO Enagás announced a partnership between its renewable gases subsidiary and two other parties which will see a bio-methane production project in Andalusia, southern Spain based on the waste associated with farming and agriculture, including olive oil production.

The facilities would be located in the municipality of Jabalquinto, Jaén province which is famous for its olive oil production.

The three entities involved are Enagás Renovable, Genia Global Energy, and waste management company Grupo Valora; the triumvirate will build facilities capable of processing 140 000 tonnes per year of wastes including manure slurry, food scraps and olive mill wastes, converting them to around biomethane with an energy content around 60 GWh.

The project comes on top of other plans for developing biomethane production capaci...

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