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Urgent measures in Spanish decree and implications for biofuels including biomethane

Monday, 02 May 2022

Kevin Lim

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The 'Royal Decree' 6/2022, dated 29 March 2022, looks to adopt measures within the National Response Plan in response to the impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The decree entered into effect on 31 March.

Of note, Title I included 14 articles related to the energy sector intending to provide some relief for power-intensive industries, while at the same time promoting renewable energy uptake.

Title I, Chapter V focuses on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated with fuel usage as well as energy in transport. Article 11 calls for an emissions reduction of 6% (compared to 2010 levels), using the EU fossil fuel comparator of 94.1 gCO2eq/MJ. This places an obligation on fuel suppliers, ...

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