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Scotland's mainland receiving electricity from tidal power for the first time

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Håkon Grepperud

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A 1.5 MW tidal stream turbine off the Caithness coast of Scotland started its operation 14 November 2016, sending power to the mainland for the very first time. This development comes just months after turbines off the coast of Shetland became the first to deliver electricity to the grid. The successful launch follows the laying of sea cables from the tidal power site back to the shore in 2015, and the construction of four foundations in the sea for the turbines earlier this year.

Atlantis, the company behind the project, hopes to eventually deploy up to 269 turbines, generating around 400 MW of electricity. The turbines and installation of the tidal power conversion and grid connection systems are done by Zurich-based ABB, a well-known multinational engineering company.

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