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Greenfact Green Gas Webinar - Recap of the Event

Friday, 28 May 2021

Kevin Lim

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On Wednesday, Greenfact hosted the 'European systems for tracking Green Gas webinar', the first in our intended series of webinars for the year.

Our first guest speaker was Katrien Verwimp of the AIB - her talk raising the question 'How does the EECS certify the origin of gases?' 

Katrien opened by explaining the some of the basics of the European Energy Certificate System, and the current status of the scheme - welcome content for newcomers to the certificate scene. She went to detail how the GO system will be expanded to gases, with some specifics on the REGATRACE and the aptly titled hydrogen register CertifHy. Also of note was the expansion of the scope of GOs to encompass more than simply disclosure, and along with this the additional characteristics of GOs which should form part of the record.

Katrien was...

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