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Interview on the Italian GO market with Wolfgang Fuchs

Friday, 29 March 2019

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The following interview explores auctions in the Italian GO market. There are currently two GO auctions in Italy. One is operated by the GSE, where GOs receiving support from particular schemes are auctioned by the GSE. The other is the GME Market Session, where market participants are free to buy and sell GOs with or without support schemes. All Italian GOs are EECS compatible.

Wolfgang Fuchs works as a consultant in the Renewable Energy sector in Rome, Italy, for nearly 10 years. In his role as Project and Asset Manager for RE investors in Italy, he is following the Italian GO markets closely. Wolfgang sees the mechanisms of electricity tracking mechanisms like the Guarantees of Origin as one of the pillars of the transition to a future of cleaner energy.

The latest GSE GO Auctions in Italy saw prices well above OTC prices....

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