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European solar capacity additions grew 36% in 2018

Friday, 22 February 2019

paraid="653693363" paraeid="{73452052-fddc-4406-a874-73ed100b8011}{152}">The European Union installed around 8 GW of solar power capacity in 2018, according to an estimate from SolarPower Europe. Capacity additions accelerated 36% year-on-year compared to 5.9 GW connected to the grid in EU28 in 2017.EU’s largest solar market in 2018 was Germany with 2.96 GW of new grid-connected capacity, up 68% from the 1.76 GW installed in 2017. The Netherlands added around 1.4 GW compared to 0.77 GW in 2017 and is now entering the ‘solar gigawatt-club’ for the first time. 

According to preliminary production numbers from Agora- and Sandbag’s yearly power report for 2018, solar power produced 127 TWh o...

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