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Report outlines the state of renewable electricity consumption in France

Thursday, 10 January 2019

QuiEstVert, an initiative run by the French company Origo has published a report on the state of renewable electricity consumption in France. The report finds that, despite a booming renewable trend in Europe, France is lagging behind.

QuiEstVert has consulted and studied publicly available information provided by communities and companies located in France over a 3-month period to identify those who have chosen to consume renewable electricity.

805 businesses and communities of all sizes were identified. Out of these, 172 used renewable electricity for some of their operations. Their annual consumption of green electricity is estimated to 6.81 TWh. This sample corresponds to 9% of the green electricity consumption in France in 2017, which amounted to 77.12 TWh (supplier mix). Out of the 172 who used renewables, 133 companies reached 100% green electricity consumption. In addition, another 64 companies were identified as possible consumers of green electricity (not included...

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