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December 2018 GO Market Overview

Wednesday, 02 January 2019

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GO prices were relatively stable for all technologies in December 2018, compared to the volatile period a few months earlier. 2018 production traded from 119 to 149 Eurocent/MWh for generic GOs, depending on the energy source, while 2019 production traded at around 170 Eurocent/MWh. The price change from December to November was below 2% for most GO-technologies. Dutch Wind GOs reached a record high of 810 Eurocent/MWh, a further increase of 0.8 % from November.

Spread between production years

Nordic Hydro 2017 production closed at 104.17 Eurocent/MWh, a 20 Eurocent discount below its 2018 counterpart. The 2017/2018 productio...

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