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TenneT issues call for tender of GOs

Thursday, 13 December 2018

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TenneT, the Dutch TSO will tender the procurement of renewable Guarantees of Origin (GOs) to cover the electricity consumption of its grids, substations and the Norned Cable.

TenneT will acquire a total of 1.53 TWh of GOs, consisting of 0.2 TWh Dutch GOs and 1.3 TWh from outside the Netherlands. This is a bullish signal for the Dutch GO market, where Dutch Wind GOs are currently traded at an all-time high above the 8€ threshold.

The GOs to be procured have to be EECS GOs, i.e. GOs issued within one of the AIB member countries. GOs produced from January 1st 2018 and later are eligible. Apart from this, any type of renewable GOs may qualify, as long as the GOs are from a domain that is connected to the electricity...

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