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Estimate of issuance and cancelation volumes for key AIB domains during Q4 2018

Thursday, 22 November 2018

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In order to provide an outlook on the possible level of GO issuance for Q4, we have estimated the issuance for key domains in Q4 2018 based on historical issuance trends and by adjusting for the growth rates of the various technologies (wind, biomass, hydro etc.). We then obtain an estimate for the possible level of issuance of GOs during Q4 2018 which is illustrated in red in the graph below. The green bars show actual issuance during Q1 to Q3 2018.

The largest issuance volume is expected from Norway, with approx. 36.7 TWh of additional GOs to be issued during Q4. This would bring total issuance up to around 138 TWh, which is in line with issuance seen in previous years. Based on the estimate, Spain could see as much as 29.5 TWh of additional volumes. This would bring total issuance up to around 89 TWh, which is around 12 TWh more th...

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