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European heatwave causes lower wind output but boosts solar output

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

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Wind and solar performance maps by Vaisala show that the meteorological conditions causing the heatwave in Western Europe have also negatively impacted wind energy project performance in markets including the UK, France, Spain, Germany and much of Scandinavia, while boosting solar generation.

While wind output declined in July, solar plant output in many European markets has increased. The Vaisala maps show that wind output fell by as much as 20% from long-term averages, while solar irradiance in many of the same markets rose by up to 20% above average.

The July 2018 solar irradiance data shows a negative correlation between deviations in wind speeds and deviations in solar irradiance. Vaisala has also determined that the correlation pattern holds over the long-term across most of Europe but varies from region to region.


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