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CertiQ Dutch GO Overview: July

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

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The Production of Dutch Guarantees of Origin continued to decline in May (production statistics are only available from the previous month). Production in June totaled 908.9 GWh, an 8.9% decrease from the 997.8 GWh produced in May. Production was dominated by wind, with 556.9 GWh produced, followed by 219.3 GWh Biomass.

Imports continued to rise in July, a total of 3,672.8 GWh were imported, corresponding to a 48% increase from the 2,481.1 GWh imported in June. The largest imported GO volumes came from Italy (734.4 GWh), Spain (709.1 GWh) and Norway (622.1 GWh). Wind GOs made up the lion’s share of imports, with a total of 1947.7 GWh imported (an increase of 38.8% from June). 703.5 GWh wind was imported from Spain and 384.6 GWh from Italy. Hydro GO imports during ...

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