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Swedish GO June interim update

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

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The above graph shows Swedish renewable GO transaction statistics until mid-June (statistics are updated around the 15th each month), versus transaction statistics for the whole of June 2017. Overall, higher numbers are seen for the period 01.01.2018 until 15.06.2018 compared to the same period during 2017 as shown in the graph below.


In June 2018, 4.64 TWh worth of certificates issued, a fourfold increase compared to the 0.85 TWh issued in June 2017. At 30 TWh, the cumulative issuance for 2018 is significantly higher compared to the 9.45 TWh issued during the same period last year. 2018 issuance corresponds to 77% of the 39 TWh issued during the whole of 2017.


Only 0.67 TWh of certificates have been canceled so far...

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