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Portugal to realize up to 4 GW Solar capacity by 2027

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

An award of 27 MW of solar capacity will be announced this Friday. Currently, the applications for licenses exceeds the available capacity of Portugal’s distribution and transmission networks in some regions [1]. To address the issue Portugal has rolled out a lottery system this year so its 2,200 MW of solar projects and 80 MW of wind applications can start when and where capacity allows for it[1]. By 2027 at least 1.3 GW solar power is to be realized, even though about 4GW will likely compete in the lottery.[2]

With Portugal’s current capacity of 580 MW of solar and 5,073 MW of wind, 4,574 GWh renewable power was generated, during January and February. Equating to 49% of Portugal's electricity production, of which wind power generated 26.9%, followed by 16% hydropower, 5% bioenergy, and 1.1% photovoltaic (PV) power. Production has been lo...

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