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Continued growth in the global solar PV market

Thursday, 15 March 2018

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Preliminary figures from SolarPower Europe show that global installed solar PV capacity grew by 29.3% i.e. 98.9 GW in 2017. In comparison, the market grew by 50% in 2016, corresponding to a 76.5 GW increase.

The largest contributions to the solar PV market is seen in Asia, with China accounting for 52.8 GW of additional installed capacity, the equivalent of 53%. India contributed with 11.8 GW, or 12%. The US Solar PV market counts as the second largest, with 11.8 GW of additional capacity in 2017.

Additional installed capacity in Europe increased from 6.7 GW to 8.6 GW in 2017. The largest contributor was Turkey, with additions of 1.79 GW (an increase of 213% from 2016). Germany was the second largest contributor in Europe with 1.75 GW.

Total installed...

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