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More cities sourcing electricity from renewable energy sources

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

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CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project recently released data showing that over 100 cities of the 570 reporting to the CDP now source at least 70% of their electricity from renewable sources.

The increase is attributed to the global shift towards renewable energy as well as more cities reporting to the CDP. In 2015, only 42 cities sourced 70% of their electricity from renewables.

“For many cities in the developing world, renewable energy offers a chance to improve the overall reliability of their electricity supply. Like Reykjavik, Nairobi is tapping into its geothermal resources to feed its energy needs” [1].

The shift is happening throughout the world, yet cities in Latin America are furthest ahead, where 30 cities (out of the total 43 CDP cities) which are utilizing 100% renewable energy to generate electricity a...

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