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Offshore wind in Europe

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

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A report by WindEurope earlier this month highlights 2017 as a record year for offshore wind projects in Europe and the UK. Rapidly declining costs for offshore wind [1] lay the foundation for huge growth potential in the market.

A total of 3,148 MW of net additional capacity was installed in 2017. This corresponds to an increase of 25%, bringing total installed capacity in Europe to 15,780 MW by the end of 2017.

1,679 MW, i.e. 53% of all net capacity brought online was in the United Kingdom, including the first floating offshore wind farm: Hywind, in Scotland. Germany stood for 1,247 MW, i.e 40%. Whereas Belgium, Finland and France stood for the remaining 227 MW (7%) [2].

The above figure shows the top 5 countries in terms of installed capacity for off...

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