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New fee structure in the Norwegian registry NECS

Monday, 27 November 2017

The Norwegian energy certificate registry NECS, has suggested a new fee structure for Elcerts and Guarantees of Origin from 2018, which NVE, the responsible Norwegian authority, has accepted.

For Elcerts, the fees stay unchanged compared to 2017, and are as follows:

  • A fee based on the highest number of Elcerts in an account the previous quarter of  
    NOK 0.07 = € 0.0072 per certificate.
  • An issuance fee of NOK 0.5 = € 0.051 per certificate.

For GOs, the fee structure for 2018 is as follows:

  • The annual fee for members in the registry stays the same at NOK 25000 = € 2573.
  • The first-time transaction fee is increased from NOK 0.02 = € 0.0021 to NOK 0.03 = € 0.0031 per c...

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