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Temporary derogation of sustainability opens pathway for biomethane certificate usage into the EU ETS

Friday, 22 April 2022

Kevin Lim

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  • Biomethane usage can lower ETS obligations, BM certificates can be used to represent BM usage in certain circumstances.
  • A recent EC derogation has the potential to widen usage of BM certs in the ETS by relaxing requirements, countries with high natural gas usage and established renewable gas registers are best positioned to take advantage.
  • Increase in BM certificate demand, particularly from waste feedstocks, should result.

Since December 2020, the Monitoring and Reporting Regulation - 2018/2066 (MRR) allows carbon dioxide emissions from biomethane usage to be treated the same way as other biomass forms of energy usage. Emissions are considered biogenic and do not count against a ...

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