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EnviTec Biogas sign bio-LNG supply agreement with LIQUIND

Thursday, 10 June 2021

On 7 June 2021, German biogas company Envitec Biogas AG and fuel supplier LIQUIND have agreed to a deal where the latter will receive bio-Liquid Natural Gas (bio-LNG) from an EnviTec Biogas plant in Güstrow, in Northern Germany.

The move allows LIQUIND to provide the renewable fuel to its clients who have LNG powered fleets. The EnviTec liquefaction plant is expected to be operational in the second half of 2022. Olaf von Lehmden, Chief Executive at EnviTec Biogas, was delighted about the cooperation agreement: "Not only are we developing a new field of business, but we are doing pioneering work for the transition to more sustainable transport in Germany. The utilization of bio-LNG has significant potential to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the transport sector compared with oil-based fuels."

While green hydrogen has recently been touted as a promising transport fuel, Mr Lehmden noted the advantages of biomethane-based LNG: "In addition, a well-functioning infrastructure is in place for the distribution of bio-LNG, whereas the comprehensive use of electromobility and hydrogen alternatives requires extensive development. Until these alternatives are ready for use, precious time is being wasted. The established Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and LNG fuel station infrastructure can and must provide a remedy. Together with LIQUIND as a partner for the marketing of the fuel at truck stations, we are able to significantly contribute to the decarbonization of heavy-duty traffic."

The project aligns with LIQUIND's decarbonisation strategy, a key milestone being all fuels sold at their refilling stations (currently 14 and growing) be derived from renewable sources by 2025, with CO2 emissions (compared to diesel) reduced by 100%.

Christian Schneider, Mr Lehman's counterpart at LIQUIND added: "We are happy about the start of this cooperation with regards to this important matter and underline our commitment to develop a sustainable fuels infrastructure in Germany. The bio-LNG from this and additional projects enables our customers to operate their vehicles even more sustainably while benefiting from constant high quality and security of supply."

Upon further contact with Envitec, Greenfact has confirmed that the deal will see 3000 tonnes (approximately 45 GWh of equivalent energy) of Bio-LNG delivered to LIQUIND. This amount represents a third of the expected total annual production from EnviTech Biogas' Güstrow facility.

The delivery will also be supported by the transfer of appropriate green certificates in the dena biogas registry and certification via the Nabisy Sustainable Biomass System, to ensure the sustainability of the transport fuel is credited to LIQUIND's operation.


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