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GO market overview February 2021

Monday, 01 March 2021

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  • Nordic Hydro 2021 steady at 23.3 Eurocent/MWh
  • 2020/2021 spreads above 10 Eurocent
  • Activity lower than predicted, but expected to increase in March

Trading activity registered with our data partners was similar to last month, with a decrease in transactions (-19%) although registered volumes increased (21%).

The current year Nordic Hydro price remains steady at 23.3 Eurocent/MWh marginally down from the January price of 23.6 Eurocent/MWh. As per January, most trades appeared to focus on past year (2020) vintages, although this focus should switch heading into March and April with increasing volumes of future production (2022 and onwards) sold.

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