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GO French auction prices for October 2020

Thursday, 22 October 2020

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Powernext held the thirteenth auction of Guarantees of Origin (GO), with the book opening on 14 October and order matching on 21 October, for July 2020 production GOs.

A total of 1 648 GWh of supported RES-E GOs were auctioned, which is an increase on the amount of GOs for the production period 12 months prior (July 2019 - 1 412 GWh) and almost identical to last month's volume.

Of the GOs on offer, 369 GWh were sold, only a 22% uptake on all GOs offered. This represents a significant decrease on the June production auction, and is similar to the lower uptake observed for May production. No Thermal GOs were sold, similar to last month.

The auction prices for Hydro and Wind decreased slightly from last month, while Solar sold close to 2...

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