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Record high Nordic Hydro GO price ratio to German power in 2018

Thursday, 24 January 2019

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German wholesale spot power prices averaged 44 Euro/MWh in 2018, the highest average price level since 2011. Electricity prices were mainly lifted by rising generating fuel prices and surging carbon emission prices (EUAs), while an unusually cold winter and a dry summer also provided underlying support. Similarly, the benchmark Nordic Hydro GO price averaged 116 Eurocents in 2018, more than four times the average in 2017.

Historically, the price of Nordic Hydro GOs has hovered below 1 percent of the German wholesale price. However, 2018 marked a new normal in terms of market strength relative to German wholesale power prices. The ratio of GO Nordic Hydro to German spot electricity oscillated between 2 and 3 percent throughout ...

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