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Norwegian GO update 25th of May

Friday, 25 May 2018

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Transaction breakdown

A total of 6.66 TWh were issued by the 25th of May in Norway. This is an increase of 2 TWh, or 45% of the total production last week. Compared to May 2017, 6.66 TWh corresponds to 72 % of certificates issued.

A relatively high amount of GOs have been imported to Norway in comparison to May last year. This is partly due to lower electricity production numbers in April and the beginning of May. So far 3.24 TWh have been imported, compared to 3.46 TWh in May last year. Imports increased by 0.68 TWh last week.

The lower electricity production has also had an impact on exports. A total of  5.61 TWh have been exported so far in May, corresponding to 65.6% exported during May 2017.

We may thus expect to see issuance come in ...

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