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33rd French Auction - Hydro prices hit new high!

Thursday, 16 June 2022

Leo Robert

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EEX held the 33rd auction for Guarantees of Origin (GOs), with the book opening on 8th June 2022 and order matching on 15th June 2022 for March 2022 production GOs

A total of  4,692.35 GWh of supported RES-E GOs were auctioned, which has significantly decreased (-19.12%), compared to the amount of GOs offered last month, 5,801.41 GWh. 100% of the offered volumes were sold.

The Wind GoOs represented around 63% of the total auctioned volume, with a 32.21% decrease in auctioned volumes compared to the previous auction; Hydro, Solar, and Thermal GOs auctioned volumes moved by +5.03%, +47.50%, and +5.70%, respectively. 

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