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Eastern European GoO's market development: Greenfact webinar recap

Monday, 16 May 2022

Selma P. Utonih

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Last week on 12 May 2022, Greenfact hosted the webinar "Europe's next green power hub: Overview of the Eastern European Guarantees of Origin markets" the second Greenfact webinar of the year and had ninety-five registrants attending.

As Europe increases its ambition to reduce its dependence on Russian fossil fuels, pressure has mounted on EU member states to accelerate their energy transition. This has been a dilemma for many Eastern European countries that have long been dependent on fossil fuels, but geopolitical threats and challenges hinder the energy source diversification efforts. 

Nevertheless renewable energy development potential within Eastern Europe has sparked investor interest lately. As the Eastern European energy transition progresses, efficient energy attribute tracking systems will be an area of focu...

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