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For What It's Vert - A French Historical Perspective on the Value of Green Certificates

Friday, 10 December 2021


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Author: Addison L.D. Wu

An online webinar, “20 ans de Garanties d’Origine”, hosted by QuiEstVert on 7 December 2021, presented a holistic picture of the EU GoOs market dynamics in the past 20 years with a discussion of the potential impact of full disclosure on the demand for Guarantees of Origin.

The webinar kicked off with an introduction concerning the purpose of Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). Based on QuiEstVert, the current electricity consumption in the EU still contains a large portion of fossil-based energy, 36% with 1,070 TWh. Therefore, improving renewable energy consumption is imperative; and GoOs, as a traceability tool, has been under the spotlight.

Generally, there are two methods to value electricity. The Balance Respo...

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