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Prices at Croatian GO auction lower than OTC prices

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Yesterday, the Croatian Power Exchange (CROPEX - owned by both market operator HROTE and transmission system operator HOPS) held their seventh GO auction of the year for supported production.

About 348 GWh volumes were offered covering production from September to October this year with all volumes offered sold. The prices decreased and were broadly lower with respect to the comparable GOs in the OTC market.

Biomass GOs that were eligible for both CfD and FiT levy exemption schemes in the UK were traded at a higher price of 2.21 Euros, while other Biomass and Wind GOs were auctioned at 58 to 70 Eurocents.

Source: https://www.cropex.hr/en/guarantees-of-origin/rezultati-drazbi-jamstava-podrijetla.html