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AIB 2021 Q2 statistics - breakdown by technology

Friday, 03 September 2021

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The following is a summarized breakdown of the European Guarantees of Origin (GoO) by renewable technology for Q2 of 2021 within the AIB.

Important Note: Statistics reported here are sourced from the AIB and it is important to note that moving forward these figures and their accuracy may change due to a lag in reported figures from certain countries to the AIB. 

  • According to data from the AIB, European Guarantees of Origin issuances in Q2 2021 increased for most technologies as per the graphs below. 
  • GO issuances for unspecified renewable technologies increased the most by 38%, followed by Solar (27%), Wind (20%), and Biomass (19%) Hydro GOs continue to be the main source of GO issuances with a sup...

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