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Weekly GO Market Brief - Week 33, 2021

Monday, 23 August 2021

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Last week’s trading
  • Week 33 witnessed slightly lower market prices along with increase in market activity, as market players return back from their summer vacations.

According to data from our data partners, this week saw an increase in market activity compared to previous week, as transactions recorded and traded volumes both increased by 21% and 47% respectively.

A majority of the transactions recorded this week were forward curve transactions with 2022 to 2025 production GOs accounting for a 79%  share while 2020 and 2021 production GOs made up the rest.

Nordic Hydro

There were no current year Nordic Hydro 2021 trades recorded with us this week. In the forward markets, Nordic Hydro GOs for 2022 production decreased by about 1.5 Eurocents closing at 74.33 Eurocents/MWh. Simil...

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