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Portugal to auction 3.5 TWh of GOs on 28 July

Thursday, 08 July 2021

The auctioned GOs are from renewable energy which benefited from production or investment support, and the revenue will revert to the National Electric System. The auction will be conducted by regulated market operator OMIP, S.A. (OMIP), which will admit participants. Prior registration in the Portuguese Issuing Body (EEGO) is mandatory. 

The Auction GO-PT model is as follows:

  • Marginalist "Ascending Clock" auction. The Reserve Price is established in the Notice/Call.
  • Several auctions can take place simultaneously and independently. Specific lots (based on classifications including technology and production period) will be auctioned through individual auctions.
  • The results of the auction, after approval by DGEG, are sent by OMIP to CUR and EEGO for subsequent financial and physical settlement.

The GOs would be sold in eight lots and in total represent 3.5 TWh of GOs. The GOs are of 2020 and 2021 vintage with 2.1 TWh GOs from Wind and 0.7 TWh from Hydro. The reserve price is: 0.10 €/MWh. 

Click here to register for the auction session.

Before the auction, there will be a presentation session, which will take place on 12 July at 10:00 am, where the rules of the auction will be explained, as well as the characteristics of the products to be auctioned . The session will be in English. 

Click here to register for the presentation session.

Source: OMIP