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Dutch Renewable GO Overview March 2021

Friday, 23 April 2021

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Main points for March 2021:

  • Dutch Wind GO prices remain at around 1.10 Euros/MWh
  • Dutch Solar GO prices increased by 10 Eurocents (1.50 Euros/MWh)
  • Supply increased by 57% with Demand decreasing by 19%

The Dutch Wind GO current year prices in March remained at around 1.10 Eurocents/MWh. Meanwhile, data from our data partners showed Dutch Solar GO prices trading at a 40 Eurocent premium to Wind trading at 1.50 Euros/MWh a 10 Eurocent increase when compared to February prices. 

Normally Dutch Wind and Solar GOs trade close to parity but market sources have attributed the current spread between the products to discerning consumers willing to pay higher prices for installations that meet certain requirements more common for solar installations, such as for usage in the UK for