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Reaching new grounds in European Guarantees of Origin Market

Monday, 22 February 2021

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The following article outlines the key countries for renewable energy GO issuance, cancellations, net importers, and net exporters within the AIB in 2020.

Main trends:

  • Issuances exceeded cancellations by 26 TWh in 2020.
  • Norway remains the largest issuer (146 TWh) and net exporter of GOs (46 TWh).
  • The Netherlands had the highest percentage GO supply growth in 2020 of 48%.
  • Spain overtook Germany with the highest cancellations (demand) of RES-GOs at 157 TWh (increasing by 16%).
  • Sweden switched from being a net importer to a net exporter (22.6TWh) of GOs in 2020.
  • Germany the largest net importer of GOs (98.4 TWh) with Ireland having the largest percentage growth (102%) in net imports in 2020.
  • New RES-GO supply from Portugal, Slovakia, and Serbia. 


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