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Greenfact 2020 Market Survey Highlights and Report

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

We have published the Greenfact Market Survey 2020 report, which gives an overview of market participants' opinions on the green commodities market, including future trends. The survey garnered responses from 147 market participants. Some highlights are discussed below.

The Greenfact Market Survey 2020 was issued to green commodities market players via email and the survey was also advertised through various online platforms during the summer of 2020. Similar to previous Greenfact surveys, the main aim was to collect, process, and summarise views on the GO market, trends, and pricing forecasts. A total of 147 respondents took part in the survey which represents a 25% increase in participation from last year.

The full report is strictly available to this year's survey participants here

If you are interested in participating in future Greenfact market surveys you can sign up here and get exclusive access to future reports.

General demographics 

82% of respondents had business dealings in Western Europe, and 27% in the Nordic region. A few also had operations in Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East.

Role of respondents within the market 

Survey respondents were asked what role they played within the market with the responses restricted to trader, power supplier, and producer/asset manager. Just under half (48.30%) of the respondents were traders, with a roughly even split between suppliers (26.53%) and producers/asset managers (25.17%). 

Market engagement 

When respondents were asked what types of agreements and services they primarily used to engage with the GO markets. The most popular option was bilateral contracts, followed by the use of brokers.  Almost half of the survey respondents transacted within GO and green certificate markets at least once a week, suggesting that the pool of respondents is active in the market. 

Green Commodities certificates 

Within the green commodities markets, there is quite an array of certificates and offsets available. The survey report includes a breakdown of the types of certificates that respondents are involved in. GOs (43%) and Green gas certificates were the most popular types of certificates that market respondents were involved in.


Respondents were asked if they offered, qualified for, or transacted with ecolabels. 

The top 3 most popular ecolabels mentioned were:

  • TÜV Nord
  • EKOenergy

Survey responses also covered predictions for 2021 production Hydro and Wind GO prices as well as additional market opinions on various topics like COVID-19 impact on GO markets, GO regulatory policies, and the EU's 2050 decarbonization plans.