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BMW Group plans to significantly reduce CO2 emissions

Friday, 31 July 2020

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The Munich-based car manufacturer BMW released strategies this week for how the company plans to reach key sustainability goals by 2030. New measures include reducing CO2 emissions by a third over the entire vehicle life cycle by 2030.

Strict EU regulations have stated that car manufacturers must drastically reduce their fleets' CO2 emissions by 2030. Between 2022 and 2030 alone, CO2 emissions are expected to decrease by 37.5%. Manufacturers will have to reduce their CO2 emissions by 40% as early as in 2007 and 2021. In order to comply with these regulations and avoid severe penalties, BMW plans on reducing emissions per vehicle by a third and making climate change mitigation central to their future.

“For a fleet of around 2.5 million vehicles, as produced by the BMW Group in 2019, this would correspond to a reduction of ...

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