Greenfact Renewable Gas Intelligence

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The Greenfact Renewable Gas Intelligence package goes a step further, providing valuable insights into the biomethane (BM) emerging market and Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) in the UK.

Subscribers get a holistic biomethane market analysis, insights, pricing and sentiment regularly for a yearly period.

It covers:

Biomethane Certificates Market Report:

  • Market analysis, trends and cost of production
  • Market players and country -specifics
  • Biomethane certificates outlook
  • Development of biomethane GO schemes
  • Pricing

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RGGOs and Biomethane web-platform:

  • Access to European BM certificate trades
  • RGGOs bid/offer prices
  • Country-specifics for BM certificates
  • Commentaries and legal updates

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Greenfact’s Renewable Gas Intelligence Package is ideal for: 

  • Corporates who are looking to use the biomethane certificates for greening their gas
  • Traders and brokers who wish to obtain transparent pricing information and intelligence
  • Biomethane producers and suppliers who are following the market trends, EU policies, and certificate schemes. 
Additional documents

Download the biomethane report preview (pdf)

Explore the RGGO market report (pdf)