Greenfact Renewable Gas Intelligence

The Greenfact Renewable Gas Intelligence package provides valuable insights into the biomethane (BM) emerging market and Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) in the UK.

Subscribers get a holistic biomethane market analysis, insights, pricing and sentiment regularly for a yearly period.

It covers:

Biomethane Certificates Market Report:

  • Market analysis, trends and cost of production
  • Market players and country -specifics
  • Biomethane certificates outlook
  • Development of biomethane GO schemes
  • Pricing

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RGGOs and Biomethane web-platform:

  • Access to European BM certificate trades
  • RGGOs bid/offer prices
  • Country-specifics for BM certificates
  • Commentaries and legal updates

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Greenfact’s Renewable Gas Intelligence Package is ideal for: 

  • Corporates who are looking to use the biomethane certificates for greening their gas
  • Traders and brokers who wish to obtain transparent pricing information and intelligence
  • Biomethane producers and suppliers who are following the market trends, EU policies, and certificate schemes. 
Additional documents

Download the biomethane report preview (pdf)

Explore the RGGO market report (pdf)