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NVE Nordic power update week 15, 9th – 15th of April

Thursday, 19 April 2018

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Weather update

Temperatures increased substantially in Norway during week 15, consumption decreased by 10% compared to week 14. Combined Nordic consumption decreased by 8%.

Despite lower consumption, Norway saw net import for the fifth week in a row (160 GWh in week 15). Reservoir levels remain low at 27.7% of normal levels. Both Central (NO3) and North-Norway (NO4) had levels below previously observed levels during the reference period (2002 – 2017). However, increased inflow is expected in the coming weeks.

Inflow and rainfall, source: NVE
Cumulative inflow and rainfall 2018, source: NVE

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TWhWeek 1- 15 2018NormalDifference from normal