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NVE Power update week 11, 12th – 18th of March

Friday, 23 March 2018

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Wheather update

Persistent low temperatures, high electricity consumption and a lot of wind power production in Denmark and Sweden resulted in net-import of power to Norway last week. This was the first week of net-import in 2018. In conjunction with the increase in wind power, hydropower production fell substantially.

Based on NVE’s calculations, snow around the Norwegian hydropower reservoirs amounts to 57.5 TWh by the beginning of the week. This corresponds to normal levels.

Estimated inflow for week 12 is 0.4 TWh, which is 60% below normal.

Energy from rainfall for week 12 is estimated to 1.9TWh in Norway, approx. 70% of normal levels.

Inflow and rainfall, source: NVE

Cumulative inflow and rainfall 2018, source: NV...

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