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Higher GO prices seen at French auction

Friday, 24 September 2021

Powernext held the twenty-fourth auction of Guarantees of Origin (GO), with the book opening on 15 September and order matching on 22 September, for June 2021 production GOs.

A total of 2 355 GWh of supported RES-E GOs were auctioned, which is significantly lesser than the amount of GOs offered last month 4 215 GWh. All of the offered volumes were sold. Wind GOs represented about 37.5% of the total sold volume.

There has been significant price increase across all technologies from the previous auction. The Wind price increased from 42 Eurocents to 82 Eurocent/MWh. The Hydro and Solar production were auctioned at 71 and 82 Eurocent/MWh having increased from 45 Eurocent/MW and 46 Eurocent/MWh respectively, in last month auctions. Thermal generation GOs prices increased from 37 Eurocent/MWh to 66 Eurocent/MWh. The strong results seen in French auction may have fuelled the rapid price increase witnessed in the OTC market in last 2 days.

It is also important to note that auction results are now updated at EEX.com, while the French auctions page at Powernext had not been updated at the time of writing this article.