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Prices rise at French auctions last week

Friday, 30 July 2021

Powernext held the twenty-second auction of Guarantees of Origin (GO), with the book opening on 15 July and order matching on 21 July, for April 2021 production GOs.

A total of  3 320 GWh of supported RES-E GOs were auctioned, which is less than the amount of GOs offered last month 3 816 GWh. All of the offered volumes were sold. Wind GOs represented about two third of the total sold volume.

The Wind price increased from 40 to 44 Eurocent/MWh. Similarly, the Hydro and Solar price were auctioned at 45 Eurocent/MW having increased from 38 Eurocent/MWh and 41 Eurocent/MWh respectively. The broad price increase affected Thermal generation GOs as well with prices increasing from 30 Eurocent/MWh to 36 Eurocent/MWh. Nevertheless, the price increase in French auction results have only followed the broader price increase in the OTC GO markets witnessed since last month's French auction. However, the OTC prices trade at a slight premium at this moment. 

It is also important to note that auction results are now updated at EEX.com, while French auctions page at Powernext haven't been updated yet.

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