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Ex-domain cancellations 2020

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

AIB released statistics on ex-domain cancellations for 2020 on 17th December 2020.

Ex-Domain Cancellations (EDCs) are cancellations which take place in one AIB country for use in another country. This allows EECS GOs to be exported to countries who are not part of the AIB via ex-domain cancellation. The GOs are cancelled in the exporting country’s registry and then made available for the non-AIB country.

The total ex-domain cancellations for 2020 reached 53.8 TWh, the highest annual total to date since 2016 and almost 4.5% higher than the amount being cancelled in 2019. In comparison, the totals for 2019 and 2018 were 51.5 TWh and 35.8 TWh, respectively. The UK has been the largest “importer” of GOs via ex-domain cancellations. The nation imported 48.8 TWh of EECS GOS in 2020, accounting for 90.7% of the overall ex-domain cancellations in the year. The UK was followed by a distant second Hungary (1.3 TWh) and Portugal (0.8 TWh).

Most ex-domain cancellations (EDCs) take place via the Norwegian registry, NECS. In 2020, 84.4% (45.4 TWh) of EDCs were conducted in NECS, of which 42.5 TWh were for the UK. However, since the UK only accepts GOs from EU states to qualify for FiT and CfD exemptions, a majority of EDCs ‘originating’ from Norway were imported into the Norwegian registry from other EU countries.

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